January 31, 2023


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Your photo voltaic inverter is a central element of your solar energy system. With out it functioning correctly, you gained’t have electrical energy on your house, no matter how nicely the photo voltaic panels themselves are performing. For probably the most half, inverters will run for years with out giving their house owners any bother. Nonetheless, errors do generally come up and should be addressed. Maintain studying to study the commonest causes of inverter errors and how you can repair them.

Worn Out Capacitors

Electrolytic capacitors are very delicate to excessive temperatures. In case your inverter will get too scorching, it might probably trigger the electrolytes within the capacitor to evaporate, which is able to put on them out in a short time. In case your capacitor is worn out, it gained’t be capable to restrict fluctuations and supply secure DC voltage prefer it’s purported to. This will trigger the inverter to fail.

On the opposite facet of the coin, very chilly temperatures can restrict the evaporation of the electrolytes and extend the lifespan of your capacitors and, subsequently, your inverter. In case your capacitor does get worn out, you’ll be able to change this element to revive inverter perform. Nonetheless, it’s necessary to guarantee that your inverter is put in someplace with correct airflow, the place it’s unlikely to overheat, so you’ll be able to forestall this downside.

Ultrasonic Vibrations

Your inverter’s regular operation creates ultrasonic vibrations inside the machine, so there’s not likely a lot that may be accomplished to forestall the vibrations themselves—and, in actuality, the vibrations don’t immediately trigger the inverter to malfunction. Reasonably, ultrasonic vibrations develop into problematic once they trigger the inverter to warmth as much as harmful temperatures, resulting in the breakdown of components, such because the capacitors described above. The easiest way to forestall that is to make sure that the inverter’s followers are working, the air inlets are clear, and the inverter is put in someplace with loads of air flow.

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Correctly sizing your inverter on your system is totally important to keep away from inverter malfunctions. If you happen to join an inverter to a load that exceeds its rated energy, it’s going to overload and injury the inverter. Even inverters with overload safety will overheat if they continue to be overloaded for too lengthy. In case your inverter is consistently overloading, sadly, this implies it’s not the correct dimension on your system. You’ll have to buy a brand new inverter that may deal with the facility output out of your photo voltaic array.

As you’ll be able to see, the vast majority of inverter issues are associated to overheating. If you happen to can guarantee that your SMA inverters aren’t working too scorching, you’ll be able to forestall loads of frequent inverter errors.

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